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Instagram Japan

With Japan hosting the 2020 Olympic Games, there was an opportunity to get Japanese advertisers and agencies to consider using Instagram for their upcoming sports related campaigns. Working closely with the Japan team, Instagram was positioned as a unique sports platform where real authentic connections are built between fans and athletes.


The ads showcased a curated collection of real Instagram posts posted by real Japanese Olympics athletes. They were a mix of the athletes training and their personal moments in life. As compared to other social media platforms in Japan, these real photos and stories showed that fans could connect with the athletes at a more personal level. Based on three different insights on how these connections are built on the platform, three unique ads were created. The audience were directed to a microsite where they were offered more interesting insights and articles.


The overall performance for both on and off platform garnered 29m impressions in total, 37k link clicks and 2m completed views.

The ads would lead the audience to a microsite where they can find more information about advertising during the Olympics season. 

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