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GifFest 2019

Facebook x Noise Singapore

GIF Fest is one of Asia’s most-buzzed about creative festival celebrating the art of short-form storytelling. Facebook partnered with GIF Fest and the next wave of storytellers to redefine what a story can be. Each artist has been chosen for their unique storytelling style that highlights a key aspect of Stories – from fun and ease of use, to high craft and concept.


Aside from the on-ground activations, there was also a closed-door Industry Night featuring artists, brands and Facebook’s agency team talking the stage to launch Uncommon Grounds, a campaign showcasing the power of creative on the Facebook company’s platforms.


Online on platform ads were also ran for pre, during and post event. The ads were created to feature the artists’ works and interviews. Post event ads also included the use of Facebook Canvas and its different functions to increase the interactivity with the audience.


The event reached out to 256 creative agency folks, where 73.7% of them agreed that creative ideas can be elevated on Facebook platforms. Over 80% rated the event as valuable and 70% agreed that Facebook and Instagram provide an effective platform for storytelling.

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