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Terrorism Supported by Ivory Sales

Media Hijack Ideation

Based on research, the profits from ivory funds terrorism, especially in Africa. However, while everyone is concerned with appreciating ivory as a form of art, they do not see that purchasing such art actually funds terrorism. The idea is to show people the consequences of terrorism, which is the consequences of purchasing ivory. We hijack existing media reports and simply have a copy that says “Supported by Ivory”. As people would not be able to directly relate terrorism with ivory buying, they would click on the words that would lead them to a website that educates people about it.

Terrorists like to release threatening videos to the public, especially when things do not go their way. However, we release a terrorist video that shows a terrorist thanking the people of China for their kind contribution to the terrorist activities. We create a low budget produced recording of a terrorist thanking ivory buyers. We would use DPS technology to track people interested in ivory and push the thank you film to them on various platforms.

Social Media Video

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