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Beyond (Event)

Adyen APAC

Beyond is Adyen APAC's exclusive annual flagship merchant event, happening across Singapore, Japan, China and Australia. It is an exclusive event where merchants and prospects are invited to connect with both Adyen's commercial teams, as well as the board members.

While having the same event name, the objectives and requirements from each markets are different. It was crucial to have a strong brand identity for the event, but also flexible enough to accommodate the different concepts and formats the respective markets required.

A design guideline is being created based on Adyen's branding, and graphics were made to be adaptable to all markets. As the different event has different concepts and formats, it was key to keep the graphics simple, recognisable, yet adaptable.


The Singapore event was an exclusive C-level event held at Burnt Ends. Focusing on networking, the Adyen content was designed and curated to weave seamlessly into the event.

While there was no need for any presentations, the team designed for pockets of Adyen content within the spaces, including an art installation of a city that showcased merchant quotes.


The China event was a 3 day 2 night event where we hosted approximately 35 C-level executives in Banyan Tree Yangshuo. The focus on showcasing the brand here is important as Adyen's brand presence in China is not strong. The entire event was planned around networking, presentations, sharing sessions, and local activities to engage the merchants, as well as to create opportunities for the board members to have 1:1 sessions with them.


The Australia episode was a simple affair as the ask from the commercial team was to have a luncheon get together with their merchants. 


The Japan team hosted a larger group compared to the rest of the market as it is still an emerging market. Having about 100+ attendees, the event revolves around presentations, fireside chats, and breakout rooms. While there were a lot of content being shown, side activities, like sake tasting, were designed in between the sessions to allow the guests to network and relax.

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